Sunset Kayak Tour at Winter Park Chain of Lakes

  1. Michael gaul
    Michael gaul04-08-2016

    Do you have to pay or can you go out by yourself without a tour an is there a place to launch I’ll be coming from Jacksonville Florida

    • POM

      Michael, you can rent a kayak from us. The cost $32.10 for a single or $42.80 for a tandem {double} for three hours. Please call to make the reservation
      Thanks, Joe

  2. Kristen Manieri
    Kristen Manieri02-24-2017


    My name is Kristen and I am the founder and editor of Orlando Date Night Guide.

    In addition to running Orlando Date Night Guide (which now receives over 50,000 unique visitors each month) I’ve also launched the Orlando Date Night Discovery Club, a subscription service which mails members date night itineraries each month.

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    Are you available to chat some time in the next 2 weeks?

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    • POM

      Hi Kristen,

      Yes we would like to talk to you about your Orlando Date Night Guide. Are you available Wednesday, the 1st to chat? Can we do it on the phone?

      Joe and Cynthia Koerner

  3. Angela Pollett
    Angela Pollett03-31-2017

    Hi! We were wondering if you had any kayak tours open for this Saturday or Sunday for 6 persons? We are flexible as to where – but have done the chain of lakes with you all in years past! Thank you, Angela

    • POM

      Hi Angela,

      Thank you for the inquiry about the kayak tour. We have availability for a Sunset Tour at the Winter Park Chain of Lakes for Sunday at 5:30. Would that work for you? If you would like to reserve it, please call us at 407-733-8338. Thank you!

      Joe and Cynthia Koerner

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