We are excited to announce that the Bioluminescence are visable and we are scheduling night time tours to see this phenomenon. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism as the result of a chemical reaction. The reaction is your paddle and kayak moving through the water! Come join us! Watch the fish dart through the water like torpedos!


We offer a variety of tours to enhance your experience on the water . . .


Bioluminescence Tour Merritt Island

The presence of bioluminescence is seasonal during the warmest months of the year and on the darkest nights of the …

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Winter Park Chain of Lakes

Experience the beautiful landscape and history of Winter Park. Located 10 minutes from downtown Orlando, each trip guarantees plenty of  …

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Little Econolahatchee River

Travel the untouched Econolahatchee river. Immerse yourself in the reflection of cypress trees and wildlife. This trip offers an opportunity …

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Merritt Island Nature Tour

Check out Florida’s space coast and all the beautiful animals that call these waters home, like manatee, dolphin, egrets, herons, …

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